Data Analysis & Mapping

Spar Aerospace Limited (Spar) has developed a unique data visualization tool designed to help aircraft fleet and maintenance managers make operational and maintenance decisions more efficiently. The Data Analysis & Mapping (DAM) software program allows data collected in the maintenance information system to be seen on a three-dimensional representation of a C-130, rather than in a flat, static report.

The DAM application is customized to each fleet operator and allows them to query the data source by tail number, C-130 model, damage type, repair/replacement cost and inspection zone. Operators can monitor in-service damage information and inspection locations, assess the impact of past use, and compare operating environment to fleet averages or other operators’ experience.

The DAM application uses two key data elements most C-130 operators already collect in their maintenance information systems: part number and location. Combining this information with other data makes it possible to rapidly create data analysis queries to determine maintenance resource drivers, tailor corrosion prevention, and judge maintenance program effectiveness.

Spar Aerospace Limited strives to put leading edge technology in the hands of fleet and maintenance managers. The DAM application gives them the tool they need to transform raw data into meaningful information, leading to improved operational availability, reduced maintenance costs and increased flight safety.