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Spar Aerospace Limited (Spar) offers a full range of support services to Lockheed C130/L100/L382 owners and operators. Spar is a Lockheed Hercules Service Centre and a Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization, AMO 3/57 (Federal Aviation Authority recognition) with more than 50 years experience in the aircraft maintenance and modification industry.

Spar has 400,000 square feet of facilities and a team of more than 600 experienced and highly skilled employees offering:

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C-130/L100 Hercules
Outer Wing Improvement Program (OWIP)

Spar Aerospace Limited (Spar) has developed an Outer Wing Improvement Program (OWIP) to extend the structural fatigue service of original production outer wings on the C-130/L100 Hercules.

The structural fatigue service of C-130/L100 original production outer wings is 12,500 hours. When C-130/L100 operators reach this milestone they face the expense of replacing the outer wings. OWIP more than doubles the aircraft’s outer wing fatigue service by installing preventative modifications.

OWIP was designed to ensure the structural integrity of the outer wings and is focused on their primary structure — the outer wing spar box. The design philosophy is based on refurbishment rather than rebuilding. It ensures that the fatigue service of the wings can be safely extended and provides a cost-effective option to the operator of the C-130/L100 aircraft.

Spar has successfully installed the OWIP modification for both commercial and military operators of the Hercules aircraft, including the fleet of Canadian Air Force CC130 aircraft whose outer wings had reached their fatigue service of 12,500 hours. The installation of the Spar outer wing modification has allowed these aircraft to fly 25,000 hours, double their production-designed fatigue service.




Aircraft Engineering Services

Spar Aerospace Limited (Spar), one of Canada’s largest and most experienced military aircraft maintenance and modification companies, has an Engineering Services team dedicated to providing engineering services to both the commercial and military aviation sector.

Spar’s engineering team focuses on the needs of the aircraft operator and the aviation industry in Canada. As part of Spar’s highly diversified operations, the engineering department is able to tap into the vast technical expertise that Spar has earned during more than 50 years working in the aviation industry.

Spar has been successful in obtaining a wide range of aircraft repair and modification approvals from both Transport Canada Aviation (TCA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Engineering Services team is customer focused and offers timely, high quality solutions using advanced technology and expertise.

Engineering and Technology Services for the Commercial and Military Aviation Industry

The Engineering Services team supplies the following services to fixed and rotary wing aviation operators:

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