C-130/L100 Hercules Program
Depot Maintenance (PDM) and SMP 515C Inspections


Completion of scheduled aircraft maintenance and inspection programs is an integral part of Spar Aerospace Limited (Spar) operations.

Spar, an authorized Lockheed C-130/L100 Hercules Service Centre, brings more than 30 years of C-130 Hercules experience to the successful completion of major inspection programs.

Spar facilities are designed to take care of scheduled maintenance, inspection, repair work and refinishing that cannot be undertaken by the customer. During Program Depot Maintenance (PDM) or an SMP 515C inspection program, Spar technicians will incorporate service bulletins and customer specific modifications to ensure the most efficient use of the aircraft’s downtime.

The Spar Engineering Library contains all the specifications, technical orders, engineering drawings and data necessary for our experienced and knowledgeable engineering and technical staff to resolve any problems found during routine maintenance and inspection programs.

Spar has performed major inspection programs for many C-130/L100 operators including the Canadian Department of National Defence, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Chilean Air Force and the Government of Mexico (Pemex).