Cabaret Deco…

The Music and Minds of The Jazz Age

In association with
John Evans Productions

Cabaret Deco is a musical comedy cabaret that's full of life and fills the room with joie de vivre, capturing the spirit and energy of The Jazz Age, from 1910-1939.

Welcome to Cabaret Deco! A stage-show of the most exciting period in modern history when art, music, science and technology fused together from the misery of WW1 and exploded on the world stage to create the foundations of modern life.

With song and dance, anecdotes and drama, Cabaret Deco takes us back to this exciting era, and provides a greater understanding of who we are today. We time travel back to the Roaring 20's where it's the bees' knees and twenty-three skidoo, before sliding slowly through the Dirty Thirties and into a modern age.

With refreshing insights and recreations of the great legends, Cabaret Deco recalls Bauhaus and Dada, Freud and Wittgenstein, Hollywood and Broadway, with Anna Pavlova, Josephine Baker, Greta Garbo, Charles Chaplin, Isadora Duncan, Marlene Dietrich, George Gershwin, Noel Coward and more.

Cabaret Deco dances through the deco years with comedy and music, in the spirit of a European cabaret illuminating the era as a living thing whose influence is very much with us today.

The Creative Team

John Evans and Lyne Tremblay have fashioned a fast-moving 60 minute tour-de-force with costumes, lighting, visuals by Dougal Bichan, an exhibition of tap dance with the very talented Shawn Byfield and David Cox and a live band led by Scott Marshall, that flies from Berlin, (with a soupcon of London) to Paris (L'Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes) and finally to New York, capturing the ebullience, confidence, idealism and style that has fascinated many generations over the past hundred years.

Cabaret Deco is an original presentation that premiered at the Victoria & Albert Art Deco Exposition at The Royal Ontario Museum in September 2003. Cabaret Deco then played four performances at The Distillery Jazz Festival in May 2004 to full houses and standing ovations. On October 30, 2004 it played the Carlu as part of a fundraiser for the Schizophrenia Association of Ontario. Cabaret Deco is a memorable centerpiece to any evening and will liven up every event.

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